4 key elements for Effective Business Branding

Effective branding with Lib Creative

by Lib Ferreira from Lib Creative

Branding refers to all the visual design elements related to your business, for example; logo, print material, advertising, social media graphics, presentations, website, packaging and photography.
There are four key elements you need to have for your branding to work effectively for your business.

1. Be Professional! Appearances are everything when it comes to successful branding. People care what you look like! And if you don’t look professional, then you are perceived to lack credibility and people won’t trust your business. To successfully sell professional services & quality products you need to look professional otherwise you will be overlooked and lose those potential customers/clients.

2. Be Unique! It is essential for our businesses to stand out in a highly competitive, over-saturated market. The way to do that is to be unique. Don’t follow current trends and definitely do not just copy what your main competitor is doing. You need to ensure that you do not run into any legal issues regarding copyright or plagiarism. Check your business name on ASIC’s business name registry to ensure it is not common in your industry. If you are using an image or graphic, another tip is to check there is nothing similar being used (or overused) by doing a reverse image search on Google.

3. KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid! In design, simple really is best. A complicated logo would fail completely if someone cannot even read the name of your business. Simple logos are also more versatile, which means you do not run into issues when trying to design for different sizes and formats. Simple designs are also quick and easy to recognise – just think about how short people’s attention spans are these days and how important quick recognition is to capture your audience.

4. Consistency! The last element for effective business branding is CONSISTENCY!  You should use the same colours, fonts & same style of images consistently across all your branding. Everything needs to look the same to avoid confusion in your prospective buyer/client and increase the awareness of your business.

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