Hi, my name is Serina Bird. Once upon a time, I was a single mother working full-time in a public service career. I loved aspects of my job, but I felt that I wanted more. I wanted to lean in and see if I could make some of these crazy big dreams that were running around in my head a reality. Specifically, I’d published a book called The Joyful Frugalista and I wanted to make a career helping people, especially women, save money and live the life of their dreams. My (new) husband, Neil, encouraged me to make the leap and on 31 October 2019 (I didn’t realise until after I tendered my resignation that it was Halloween), I left the security net.

Branching out into business on my own was rewarding as it meant I was living consistently with my values. But it hasn’t been plain sailing. Some days I doubt my decision (imposter syndrome). Some days I am super productive, while others I feel like I am focused more on housework (and then there were the bushfires and associated smoke haze, COVID and #stayathome).

More than anything, I realised that branching out by yourself in business did not automatically create rivers of gold. Don’t get me wrong: I wouldn’t change what I am doing for the world. I am a proud #bossgirl and #mumpreneur. And I remain committed to helping empower women financially, and for me, this means more than just relying on a paycheque.

I want to support and empower women to fly, to reach their dreams and in the process create a better life for themselves and those around them. To do this, I’m developing a list of resources that have helped me and that I hope will help you. I’ve also created a Facebook Group to help connect some amazing women and male champions of women in business. Every week, I am hosting a Powerup session where you can learn something valuable about your business in a half an hour lunchtime session. And a future goal is to facilitate a platform to help women finance their dreams, not just talk about them.