I’m so excited to share that my new book – The Joyful Startup Guide – is out on 12 April!


What people are saying

I wished something like this had existed when I started my own business in 2003; it would have made starting a business as a single mum, who gave up a highly paid corporate job, much easier and far less stressful
Avril Henry
founder, avril henry & associates
The Joyful Startup Guide provides strategies, responses and actions to alleviate the challenges/obstacles/roadblocks that women face when starting up their entrepreneurial ventures as women I business. In addition, Serina’s book looks to reduce the invisibility of women as entrepreneurs, sharing success stories and providing role models for future female entrepreneurs
Diane Phillips
senior lecturer, university of canberra
Serina is a well-regarded subject-matter expert on all things entrepreneurship. Serina introduced me to the concept of using the skills of entrepreneurship within contexts of family, community, and self-development, rather than business alone. Her books are the repository of all things women in business, but nothing beats seeing Serina in action first-hand.
Rae Knopik
founder, the cbr gals network,
Ceo & Founder GREN
The journey to start a business is full of passion, courage and growth. To understand that networking has the potential to grow not just your business but yourself is such a potent tool. I love that Serina has shared her tips, knowledge & learnings here because with help and support we all grow together. Well done Serina for sharing your learnings.
Liz Fry Walton
creation coach

Business plan

Download a copy of this FREE PDF Business Plan template, as mentioned in The Joyful Startup Guide