Expert find her resources directory

The Expert FindHer Resources Directory contains a list of relevant programs, funding sources, networks, mentors and tools women can access to help achieve their entrepreneurial goals. 


Networking is one of the best ways to grow your business. This is a list of some of the groups that I like and find to be valuable and useful.

Business at Breakfast. A Canberra-based networking group. Unlike other groups, there is no requirement for regular attendance and no ongoing fees. It started meeting at 6.45am and 10am during COVID, and now welcomes visitors from anywhere in the world. This is a highly collaborative group, and I’ve made some great friends and business contacts through here.

Business Chicks Australia’s largest network for women in business. The Facebook Group is a great resource for women who have questions about how to do business.

Canberra Women in Business Canberra based organisation with regular networking events (when not in COVID-19).  It holds an annual awards night and, having attended in November 2019, I was motivated and encouraged by the success stories.

CBRGALS. This network was created as a community and platform for women in Canberra to encourage and support them to collaborate instead of compete. They have some pretty cool events including a COVID virtual event (participants received awesome showbags), clothes swaps and motivational events.

Canberra Innovation Network Female Founders’s Virtual Coffee Catch up: Meets once a fortnight via Zoom.

Women’s Agenda. Digital news service for women, with some timely and useful content provided just in time for lunch each day. They now have a podcast and a premium package.

Small business resources

A list of links to sites and other information that can help you get started in business

Australian Taxation Office. Yep, the ATO. Don’t avoid them – if you’re paying tax, that’s because you’re making a profit (and that’s a good thing, right?) They have some resources about whether or not you need an ABN and how to set up your business structure. Go right to the experts on tax matters.

Canberra Business Chamber. Runs really useful and practical support for small businesses.